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Speech - Articulation- Phonological disorder-Apraxia

Speech  Disorders

What is articulation, a phological processes or apraxia of speech  therapy? 

Articulation is the process of making sounds, by coordination of muscles, teeth, tongue, lips, palate, and respiratory  system. 

With about 100 muscles needed to talk, articulation is a vital part of speech therapy.  

Apraxia can be defined as a neurological disorder creating difficulty coordinating the musculature to make sounds. (like trying to say the word baseball over and over and one or more sounds keep changing (baseball, tasetall, basegall etc) 

Phonological disorder can be defined as Phonological process disorders: when a child makes predictable and typical patterns of speech sound errors beyond a certain age when it should have resolved. (Think t  sound k (tat for cat))

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